We wipe,
Only to rise stronger

There is nothing stable in the world, Uproar`s your only music.

Why Uproar?

Uproar has been around since Warlords of Draenor expansion, formed by small group of friends. The past year it has welcomed new players and leadership to help revive the guild and help it thrive. We moved from Emeriss Alliance to Stormscale Horde in hopes this would help our efforts.

Though we are semi-serious about raid progression, we work hard to keep a casual atmosphere. We are a laid back, quirky casual guild. Our aim is to help others and provide opportunities to enjoy WoW in all content. We have skilled guild members who can help in all areas in the game if needed. We are always challenging one another to do better and would be happy to have more people to push content with. We don’t compete with other guilds or chase raids. This means that we play at our own pace. We crack jokes and like to make fun of each other. However, there is no tolerance for drama. We have members from all over the world, who get along, enjoy laughing and having fun. We look forward to meeting new friends!

Immersive Events

In Uproar we have events on Thursdays & Mondays 8pm – 11pm server time. In a new season both these nights are primarily for gearing up our raid team and progressing both normal and heroic difficulty to achieve ahead of the curve. Once we have achieved this, and recleared a few times, our events become more fluid, and we now use one, or both of these nights to do events like alt raids, timewalking raids or use it as an M+ night where we split the players into groups and run several keys at once. This allows us to fine tune the players gearing and experience into groups of similar players for a better experience. For the achievement hunters and collectors out there, we also do achievement runs in both raids and dungeons, usually getting the glory achievement each season while it’s still current and delving back into older content for those who haven’t gained what they want from legacy content Throughout the year we also do transmog competitions with rewards such as mounts, pets, game time, discord privileges and gold.

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